What To Do When Faced With a Race Hate Crime

The rise in racism against Chinese and South East Asians as a result of Covid-19 has been widely reported in local and national press. The FT reported that "The Metropolitan Police recorded 166 verbal, online and physical attacks in February and March where the officer reported the ethnic appearance of the victim as “Oriental”. "

With the attack of graffiti on a restaurant in Dudley last month, HCCS shared the view that racist tension towards the Chinese and South East Asian communities is likely to increase once lock down is lifted. Our centre manager worked with the Metropolitan Hate Crime Unit and Hackney Safety Unit, to produce a leaflet on services available from MET and Hackney Council for victims of race hate incident/crime. Jabez says, "We produced this leaflet to reach out to our communities. A lot of people don't report racist incidents to the police as they are scared of repercussions and because of lack of prosecution. As well as providing them information about contacting the police, we have also provided links to council services as not all racist incidents are crimes." We have produced our leaflets in English, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, and Nepali. We hope you will find them useful to distribute in your communities. Our leaflets are all in PDF format. Please visit Adobe to download a pdf reader.

Response to race incidents (English)pdf

English version

Response to race incidents (Japanese)pd

Japanese version

Response to race incidents (Korean)pdf

Korean version

Response to race incidents (Vietnamese)

Vietnamese version

Response to race incidents (Thai)pdf

Thai version

Response to race incidents (Nepali)pdf

Nepali version

Response to race incidents (Chinese Trad

Chinese traditional version

Response to race incidents (Chinese Simp

Chinese simplified version


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