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About Hackney Chinese Community Services

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Do you have  time to spare and a skill to share? If so, we'd love you to volunteer and join our gang! 

History of the Community

Chinese people have been living in Britain for more than 160 years with the first settlers coming to the East End of London, and Chinese in Hackney was one of the first settlements. Today Chinese and Vietnamese in Hackney are a thriving community. As well as careers in catering in London’s Chinatown, the community run their own businesses locally, most visibly with Vietnamese takeaways, restaurants and Chinese grocery stores throughout the borough.


In addition, there are many Vietnamese and Chinese from students to professionals living and working as doctors, dentists, accountants, lawyers and nurses. The South East community is rich and diverse, with our community members coming from different geographical and cultural backgrounds. Research has shown that nearly 90% of the Chinese community that have made Hackney their home are Vietnamese refugees of Chinese origin.


About HCCS

Local Chinese residents founded Hackney Chinese Community Services in 1985 to help meet specific needs and support the welfare of the local community. In 1986 that the London Borough of Hackney agreed to let HCCS. use one of its shop front premises. With a start up grant, Hackney Chinese Community Services first opened its doors at 15 Pearson Street in September and a revenue grant enabled us to recruit one full-time community organiser. Funded by the Inner London Education Authority our Chinese School opened its doors the following year. 


HCCS was first registered as a charity and became a limited company in 1988. In October 1990 that we moved to our present address in Ellingfort Road. Today, we have a hall which can accommodate up to a hundred people, a common room with library, a confidential advisory room, 2 offices, store room, counselling room and a kitchen fitting with traditional Chinese cooking facilities. At our centre we provide a number of services for our local community including Hackney Chinese School, Elderly Luncheon Club, Chinese Advocate, Health Outreach, Mental Health, Youth Club, Carer, Singing and Dancing.

We worked closely with the Vietnamese community organisation An Viet Foundation for several years. When the charity folded in 2017, we expanded our remit to include and continue services to the Vietnamese and Chinese community.


Today, we support the East and South East Asian community throughout Hackney, London and the UK.

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