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HCCS offers a wide array of programs and initiatives that cater to the unique needs and challenges faced by our community members, made possible thanks to support from various funding programs.

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Advice Service

HCCS offers health information and advice, including Chinese and Vietnamese interpretation services. Referrals come from GPs and the Home Interpretation Service, covering the entire borough with our outreach efforts. We're also available to help with emergencies.

HCCS also offers advice and assistance to our members regarding benefits and housing. Understanding entitlements can be challenging, so we guide individuals in applying and completing the appropriate forms for their specific needs.

Additionally, we provide our members with valuable advice on life in the UK. 

We are able to offer person-centred advice on any topic; please get in touch with us to book an appointment with our adviser. 

Holding Hands Up High

Hate Crime Support

HCCS has noticed a rise in Asian hate crimes amid the pandemic, as the outbreak of COVID-19 saw a rise in discrimination towards East and Southeast Asian communities within the UK.

Your safety and well-being are important to us. We offer a free helpline for victims of racism and hate within East and Southeast Asian communities. Reporting incidents helps us understand and map them, and enables authorities prevent them from occurring.

HCCS is an On Your Side consortium partner offering dedicated support for ESEA victims of racism and/or other hate forms, funded by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.  To access On Your Side, go to or call free on 0808 801 0393.


Migrant Advice Centre for ESEA (MACE)

The Migrant Advice Centre for ESEA (MACE) provides immigration advice services for various groups, including Hongkongers seeking asylum, undocumented or stateless individuals, BN(O) citizens, their family members, and all East and Southeast Asian friends. We are committed to doing our utmost to assist you!

For inquiries, please reach out to us at +44 (0)20 8090 1520 or

Please note, during our initial stage, all case inquiries require an appointment.  In case of emergency, please inform our staff.


我哋十分榮幸喺Greater London Authority資助下成立Migrant Advice Centre for ESEA (MACE)。喺計劃下我哋會免費提供認可嘅移民、庇護同埋簽證諮詢服務。歡迎大家向隔離鄰舍推廣,除左香港尋求政治庇護人士、無證件或身份嘅人士、BNO公民及其家屬可以使用本中心嘅服務,我哋同時服務所有East and Southeast Asian嘅朋友,我哋會致力提供適切協助!


有任何查詢可以直接致電 020 8090 1520 / 電郵至 。本中心現時辦公時間為星期一至五上晝10點至下晝5點。




Hong Kong Skyline

Welcome Hongkongers 

HCCS is evolving into a community and resource center for East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) communities, with a strong presence of Hongkongers. We're funded by the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities through the London Hong Kong Welcome Programme.

Our services are free, and we've gained trust as a reliable source of support for Hongkongers settling in the UK. We also foster community integration by connecting Hongkongers with existing service providers and organizing events like ESOL English Classes.

If you are interested, please reach out:

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