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Wellbeing and Covid 19

The COVID-19 pandemic may be extremely stressful for many. Concerns about this new disease and what could happen can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults as well as children. People may be worried about catching the virus, and any consequences this may have with them or their families.

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Social distancing and lockdown can cause isolation and loneliness. Racism, as a result of the pandemic, is another major source of worry for the East & South East Asia communities. People may be missing visiting their religious organisations and community groups when they feel they need their support the most. People have lost their jobs, and the world seems a lot more insecure.

This stress may cause:

  • Fear and worry about your health and the health of those you care about

  • Worries about your financial situation, employment, or loss of support

  • Changes in sleep or eating patterns.

  • Difficulty sleeping or concentrating.

  • Worsening of mental health conditions.

  • Increased use of coping mechanisms such as smoking or drinking.

Certain groups of people in the community may be at more risk of stress from the pandemic. This may be particularly if they have a chronic illness, a mental health issue, be front line workers, or simply because, as Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic members of the community, we are at a higher risk of serious illness from catching Covid-19.

It is important to know what to do if you are feeling unwell and are concerned about COVID-19. Contact a health professional, such as your GP, before you start any self-treatment. There are also treatments and other support services and resources, including counseling or therapy that you can get. We can offer you one to one telephone advice with our experienced support Wai Ha Lam on 07761705553. She can provide you, in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, with confidential support or signpost you to different groups that can cater specifically to your needs.

Looking after your wellbeing

To support our community and members, we are looking into ways of improving our wellbeing during this stressful time. Covid19 infographics have kindly shared with us some of their leaflets they offer in Chinese and English. Please feel free to download these posters below or share this article with your friends and family.

Below are some steps or activities that you can do to help you cope with stress.

  • Take care of your body.

  • Exercise regularly, deep breaths, stretch, or meditate

  • Try to eat and drink healthy and well-balanced meals.

  • Avoid excessive alcohol and smoking

  • Get plenty of sleep

  • Voice your concerns. Talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling. Sharing your experiences may help you too.

  • Create a new daily routine by setting yourself goals, and daily or weekly plans, stay with small achievable goals and plans.

  • Stay connected and reach out to those you love by phone or video link.

  • Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including those on social media. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting.

  • Stay active with regular exercise or walking

  • Support other people if you can by reaching out to them, as they may be feeling lonely and isolated too.

  • Make time to unwind. Try to do some other activities you enjoy.

  • Connect with your community- or faith-based organizations. While social distancing measures are in place, consider connecting online, through social media, or video link, or by phone or mail.

Hackney Chinese Community Service can offer you one to one telephone advice with our experienced support Wai Ha Lam on 07761705553. She can provide you, in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, with confidential support or signpost you to different groups that can cater specifically to your needs. We have also received funding for mental health support during the pandemic and will be offering mental health support in our community in the near future. Please contact the Chinese centre on or call 020 8986 6171 if we can help you further.


冠狀病毒疫情嚴峻可能令許多人感到極為壓迫和緊張。 擔憂這新疾病和其可能會發生

的情況可讓成年人以至兒童都受到強烈的情緒困擾。 人們可能擔心受到病毒感染,以

及對自身和其家庭成員可能產生的不良後果。 社交隔離限制和社區封鎖會引致被孤立

和感到孤獨。來自東南亞地區的人仕擔心會因疫情而受到種族滋擾。 當人們覺得最需

要支持的時候,卻因為封城而沒法接觸他們所屬的宗教組織和社區團體。 有人失去工



  • 恐懼及擔心自己以及身邊關心的人的健康

  • 擔心自己的財務狀況、工作,或失去支援

  • 影響平時睡眠和飲食習慣

  • 導致失眠和影響注意力。

  • 引致心理健康狀況惡化。

  • 增加使用應對機制,如吸煙或飲酒。




但重要的是,一旦感到身體不適 或擔心患上冠狀病毒時,你會知道如何去應對!

在採取任何自我治療之前,應先聯絡相關的專家,如你的家庭醫生。 也有其他可幫助

的治療和援助,包括你可獲到的心理輔導或治療。 我們也可以為你提供單對單的電話





很感激「冠狀病毒圖像信息處」(Covid19 infographics),他們樂意分享及提供一些中文

和英文的傳單。 請隨時去下載海報與你的親友分享。



  • 定期運動、經常作深呼吸、身體伸展或者做靜坐冥想

  • 嘗試健康及均衡飲食。

  • 避免過量飲酒和吸煙

  • 保持充足的睡眠

  • 表達你的憂慮,與你信任的人多些聊天,分享憂慮和你的感受。 交流經驗都可以 幫助你舒緩心境。

  • 設定新的生活規範,定下每日及每週能完成的實際目標和計劃。

  • 要定時作息,不要長期閱讀或瀏覽新聞和社交媒體。不斷重覆聽讀有關病毒的新聞會令你感到不安。

  • 保持活動習慣,定期運動或外出散步。

  • 可去幫助別人,因為他們也可能感到孤獨和孤立。

  • 有時間便去放鬆自已,嘗試做一些其他你喜歡的活動。

  • 與社區或宗教組織聯繫。 在社區隔離措施當中,可透過網上的社交媒體、視頻連結、電話或郵件與他們保持聯絡。


07761705553 與林慧霞女士聯絡。她可以透過英語、粵語和普通話為你提供安全和保

密的支持或指引,為你推薦可提供協助的團體。 我們也獲得政府的資助,為受到疫情

影響的人仕提供心理健康的服務。如欲查詢請聯絡中心 或致電 020 8986 6171

下面是相關的 英文/繁體/簡體的海報 連結


冠状病毒疫情严峻可能令许多人感到极为压迫和紧张。 担忧这新疾病和其可能会发生

的情况可让成年人以至儿童都受到强烈的情绪困扰。 人们可能担心受到病毒感染,以

及对自身和其家庭成员可能产生的不良后果。 社交隔离限制和社区封锁会引致被孤立

和感到孤独。 来自东南亚地区的人仕担心会因疫情而受到种族滋扰。 当人们觉得最需

要支持的时候,却因为封城而没法接触他们所属的宗教组织和社区团体。 有人失去工


  • 这些压力可能会导致:

  • 恐惧及担心自己以及身边关心的人的健康。

  • 担心自己的财务状况、工作,或失去支持。

  • 影响平时睡眠和饮食习惯。

  • 导致失眠和影响注意力。

  • 引致心理健康状况恶化。

  • 增加使用应对机制,如吸烟或饮酒。

社区中的某些群体可能会更受到疫情的困扰; 如有慢性疾病的、有心理健康问题的,前



但重要的是,一旦感到身体不适 或担心患上冠状病毒时,你会知道如何去应对

! 在采取任何自我治疗之前,应先联络相关的专家,如你的家庭医生。 也有其他可帮

助的治疗和援助,包括你可获到的心理辅导或治疗。 我们也可以为你提供单对单的电

话缓助,林慧霞女士(电话: 0776170553 ),可以透过英语、粤语和普通话为你提





很感激「冠状病毒图像信息处」(Covid19 infograph),他们乐意分享及提供一些中

文和英文的传单。 请随时去下载海报与你的亲友分享。


  • 照顾好你的身体

  • 定期运动、经常作深呼吸、身体伸展或者做静坐冥想。

  • 尝试健康及均衡饮食。

  • 避免过量饮酒和吸烟。

  • 保持充足的睡眠。

  • 表达你的忧虑,与你信任的人多些聊天,分享忧虑和你的感受。 交流经验都可以 帮助你舒缓心境。

  • 设定新的生活规范,定下每日及每周能完成的实际目标和计划。

  • 要定时作息,不要长期阅读或浏览新闻和社交媒体。 不断重复听读有关病毒的新 闻会令你感到不安。

  • 保持活动习惯,定期运动或外出散步。

  • 可去帮助别人,因为他们也可能感到孤独和孤立。

  • 有时间便去放松自已,尝试做一些其他你喜欢的活动。

  • 与社区或宗教组织联系。 在社区隔离措施当中,可透过网上的社交媒体、视频链接、电话或邮件与他们保持联络。


(07761705553 ) 与林慧霞女士联络。 她可以通过英语、粤语和普通话为你提供安全和保密

的支持或指引,为你推荐可提供协助的团体。 我们也获得政府的资助,为受到疫情影响的人

仕提供心理健康的服务。 如欲查询,请联络中心 或致电

020 8986 6171



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