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Welcoming the Lunar New Year with the Mayor of London

HCCS were delighted to be part of the Mayor of London's film to mark the Lunar New Year of the Ox.

Filmed partly at our community centre, Jenny Lau aka @celestialpeach_uk, our East and Southeast Asian Pot Luck host, and Vicky Sung, on our staff team, both talked about the benefits of multiculturalism in London.

In celebrating the Lunar New Year, the London Chinatown Chinese Association reflected on the previous year and the difficulties experienced during a pandemic. They talked about the problems that the East and Southeast Asian community have encountered as a result from Covid 19, such as loss of business, racism and general insecurity,

HCCS has 35 years experience in serving the local Vietnamese, Chinese and East and Southeast Asian communities. During the pandemic we have had to change the ways in which we connect to the community during lock down.

We ensure that our members are safe and well, with adequate food, medicine, and good mental health with regular phone calls. Jenny was responsible for collecting donated computers and laptops for our old members to train on so that they can use digital media to connect to friends and families.

Jabez Lam, our centre manager said, "We are very happy to be part of the Mayor of London's New Year message. In doing so, we can share our experiences in supporting our communities, how we have worked together to be stronger than ever."

The New Year brings in the of the Ox - strength, resilience and power. Hopefully by working together and supporting each other, we will be more resilient and emerge stronger than ever from the pandemic.


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