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Vaccine delivery plan Covid-19 News Update 12.1.2021

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Today, the Secretary State for Health, Matt Hancock, announced that 2.6m of the vaccines have been given to 2.3m people, indicating that some people have had their second dose of the vaccine. The Government aims to vaccinate the other priority groups by April and to be able to vaccinate everyone by the autumn. To accelerate the vaccination process, the Government has developed a Vaccine Delivery Plan which has 4 key parts:

1. Supply of Vaccine

This is a significant part of the plan. Currently, the Pfizer and Oxford vaccine are already being administered in the UK. The third vaccine by Moderna has now also been approved and will be rolled out soon. It is important that there is a continuous supply of the vaccine to support the delivery plan.

2. Prioritisation

The Government say they are on track to deliver their pledge to vaccinate the 4 prioritised groups by mid-February. Hancock confirmed that over a quarter of the care home residents have received their first dose of the vaccine.

3. Expand sites where people can get their jab

Hancock said that from 11 Jan 2021, big vaccination centres were put into operation across the UK to speed up the vaccination process. In London, the Nightingale site has been repurposed to be one of the vaccination centres. GP practices have begun giving out the jabs and soon community pharmacies will be joining the team.

The Government say that everyone will be able to reach a vaccination site within 10 miles of where they live. 10 miles is still a long distance to travel for those at the top of the age group and for those who are clinically extremely vulnerable. For people who are housebound, the effort to get a jab is even greater, and they have been told to wait until the Oxford vaccine is readily available so that it can be administered in their homes.

4. People

This mass vaccination programme requires a strong army of people. The NHS has now recruited and trained 80,000 people to support the vaccination process.

Hancock also said that the Government will monitor the situation carefully to decide when to ease the lockdown. The infection rate is still very high with 46,169 new cases on 11 January and an average of 926 daily deaths over the past 7 days.

The Government said that they know the vaccine can reduce the chances of people catching COVID and dying from it. However, it is not known whether people who have the vaccination can still transmit the virus. The Government will monitor the situation closely. It is crucial that people abide by the rules of the lockdown during the vaccination programme. The police have committed to step up enforcement against those who flout the rules.

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今天,衛生部大臣, Matt Hancock,宣佈政府已採用了260萬劑疫苗為230萬人進行了注射,顯示有部份人士已完成了兩次的疫苗注射。政府計劃在四月底能為所有在優先名單上的人士完成注射,而到秋天便可為所有市民完成注射。為了加速疫苗注射行程,政府訂定了一個疫苗注射計劃,該計劃共有四部份。

1. 疫苗供應

這是計劃的一個重要部份。現時英國已全面使用輝瑞及牛津疫苗。第三類疫苗,Moderna 亦已獲通過並即將會被推出。要完政府所定的目標,疫苗的供應必不能斷。

2. 優先次序


3. 擴展注射場地

Hancock表示自2021年1 月11時起,全國已有多所大型疫苗注射場館投入服務。在倫敦,夜鶑中心﹝Nightingale site ﹞已開始轉運作了。接着便會有更多的家庭醫生診所及社區藥劑師加入提供注射疫苗服務。


4. 人力




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今天,卫生部大臣, Matt Hancock,宣布政府已采用了260万剂疫苗为230万人进行了注射,显示有部份人士已完成了两次的疫苗注射。 政府计划在四月底能为所有在优先名单上的人士完成注射,而到秋天便可为所有市民完成注射。 为了加速疫苗注射行程,政府订定了一个疫苗注射计划,该计划共有四部份。

1. 疫苗供应

这是计划的一个重要部分。 现时英国已全面使用辉瑞及牛津疫苗。 第三类疫苗,Moderna亦已获通过并即将会被推出。 要完政府所定的目标,疫苗的供应必不能断。

2. 优先次序

政府宣称注射行程顺利,应可如期在二月中为头四组优先人士完成注射。 政府现已为四份之一的老人院长者完成了第一次注射。

3. 扩展注射场地

Hancock表示自2021年1 月11时起,全国已有多所大型疫苗注射场馆投入服务。 在伦敦,夜translation中心(Nightingale site)已开始转运作了。 接着便会有更多的家庭医生诊所及社区药剂师加入提供注射疫苗服务。

政府声称日后所有人士都可在离家不远于10英里的中心接受注射。 但10英里对在优先排次首位的长者和健康极度脆弱的人士都是很远的路程。 行动不便的人士更难以前往中心接受注射,他们只能等待牛津疫苗的推出以能安排在家中接受注射。

4. 人力

这一个庞大的疫苗注射计划需要一个强大的团队支持。 政府现已招募及培训了80,000人士以支持计划。

政府未能确实何时才放松封城令,会因应疫情而作决定。 现时的感染率及死亡率还是非常之高; 在1月11日便有46,169人感染病毒,而在过去7天每日平均便有926人因感染新冠病毒而死亡。

政府又宣称,虽然知道疫苗能减低病毒感染及死亡率,但现时仍未能确实已接受注射的人士还会否是带菌者。 政府会小心监察发展,亦因此要求市民严谨遵守封城规则。 警方已明确定必会严厉执行封城规则,请市民勿以身试法。

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