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UK National Lockdown - What Does This Mean for You?

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The Prime Minister has just announced that from 5 January 2021, England will go into its third national lockdown. With almost 27,000 people in hospital with COVID, the Government has issued a level 5 alert, meaning the NHS will become overwhelmed in 21 days.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the lockdown will help to give the vaccination a chance to take effect. He said that if all goes smoothly, by mid-February, they hope to complete the first dose of vaccination for the first 4 groups of people on the priority list. Although he did not say how long will the lockdown last, but it sounds like it will be at least, to mid-February.

The national lockdown will mean:

You must not leave or be outside of your home except to:

1. Shop for basic necessities, for you or a vulnerable person.

2. Seek medical help or to avoid injury or risk of harm (like domestic violence).

3. Travel to work, only if you cannot work from home.

4. Meet your support bubble.

5. Attend education or childcare – for those eligible

6. Exercise once a day, outdoor.


1. All schools and colleges will move to remote learning until the February half term,

except for children of certain key workers.

2. Nurseries will remain open.

3. Children who are receiving free school meals will continue to receive support during


4. The Government will make provision for more devices for children for remote learning.

5. Exams will not go forward as “normal”, the Education secretary will announce alternative arrangement.


  • Those are clinically extremely vulnerable should begin shielding.

  • All non-essential retails, Gym and hospitality venues will be closed except for take away food.

  • Communal worship and life even like funeral can continue but subject to limits on numbers, wedding and civil ceremonies will take place on exceptional circumstances.

Contact 或聯絡 Ms Wai Ha Lam 林慧霞 on 07761 705553 if you need further support.


留在家中 保護國療服務 拯救生命








1. 為自己或一個脆弱人士購買必需品。

2. 尋求醫療協助或逃避傷害﹝如家庭暴力﹞。

3. 出外工作,如你不能在家工作。

4. 出去見你的「支援泡泡」。

5. 出外上課或使用托兒服務,只適用於合資格人士。

6. 進行每日一次的戶外運動。.


1. 所有書院、中、小學都會關閉至二月的學期中假,所有學習轉為遙程學習。學校只會開放


2. 幼兒院會繼續開放。

3. 拿取免費學餐的孩童會繼續獲得支援。

4. 政府會儘量為有需要的孩童提供遙程學習的儀器。

5. 公開試將不能“如常”進行,教育大臣日後會宣佈方案。


  • 被定為健康極之脆弱的人士為保障自己而禁足家中。

  • 非必要零售,體育場所及食肆會關閉,外賣除外。

  • 集體崇拜及喪禮可繼續。在特殊情況下,婚禮或同性伴侶關係儀式也可進行。

Contact 或聯絡 Ms Wai Ha Lam 林慧霞on 07761 705553 if you need further support.


留在家中 保护国疗服务 拯救生命

英国总理今日宣布从1月5日起,英国将会封锁全城。 英政府发出第五级警告,表示若疫情持

续严峻,国家医疗服务将无力应付。 现时有大概27,000人因感染新冠病毒而需留院。

英国总理指出,封城可给予疫苗一些空间去生效。 他说,若一切如计划中顺利进行,有望在

二月中可为优先名次上头4组人士完成疫苗第一次注射。 总理虽没说何时会解封,但看情况应




1. 为自己或一个脆弱人士购买必需品。

2. 寻求医疗协助或逃避伤害(如家庭暴力)。

3. 出外工作,如你不能在家工作。

4. 出去见你的「支持泡泡」。

5. 出外上课或使用托儿服务,只适用于合资格人士。

6. 进行每日一次的戶外运动。.


1. 所有书院、中、小学都会关闭至二月的学期中假,所有学习转为遥程学习。 学校只会开


2. 幼儿院会继续开放。

3. 拿取免费学餐的孩童会继续获得支援。

4. 政府会尽量为有需要的孩童提供遥程学习的仪器。

5. 公开试将不能“如常”进行,教育大臣日后会宣布方案。


  • 被定为健康极之脆弱的人士为保障自己而禁足家中。

  • 非必要零售,体育场所及食肆会关闭,外卖除外。

  • 集体崇拜及丧礼可继续。 在特殊情况下,婚礼或同性伴侣关系仪式也可进行。.

Contact 或聯絡 Ms Wai Ha Lam 林慧霞on 07761 705553 if you need further support.


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