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Test and Trace support payment

From 28 September you’re legally required to self isolate if you test positive for covid-19 or if NHS Test and Trace identifies you as having been in contact with someone who’s tested positive.

Self isolating can have an impact on your ability to earn a living, so the

government have introduced a financial support scheme to support people on

a low income.

If you’re employed or self employed on a low income, and can’t work from

home while self isolating, you may be entitled to financial support of £500.


To qualify you must have been notified through NHS Test and Trace and have

received a unique 8 digit ID number. To claim the £500 payment you must:

  • be aged over 16

  • be eligible for public funds

  • live in Hackney

  • be employed or self employed

  • be unable to work from home and face losing income as a result

  • receive one of the following qualifying benefits: Universal Credit,

  • Working Tax Credit, income based Employment and Support Allowance, income based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, housing benefit

  • or pension credit

  • have been told to stay at home and self isolate by NHS Test and Trace on

  • or after 28 September 2020

Discretionary scheme

The Council have introduced a further discretionary scheme that can provide

£500 in exceptional circumstances for people who don’t meet the conditions of

the national scheme.

This can help if you’re working on a low income but aren’t receiving a relevant

qualifying benefit or if you lack recourse to public funds, and will be experience

financial hardship if you have to self isolate.

To be considered for our discretionary scheme you must:

  • be aged over 16

  • live in the London Borough of Hackney

  • have been told to stay at home and self isolate by NHS Test and Trace on

  • or after 28 September 2020

  • be employed or self employed on a low income

  • face losing income due to self isolating

  • face financial hardship as a result of self isolating


Do not delay in applying for financial support to help self isolate. If a claim is

not made within 14 days of the end of your self isolation period it will not be


In order to apply you will need to provide the following information:

  • your unique eight digit ID number as provided by NHS Test and Trace

  • your National Insurance number

  • a copy of your latest bank statement showing your name

  • proof of employment (eg recent wage slip, employment contract, bank

  • statement issued within the last two months, which clearly shows proof of earnings)

  • proof of self employment (eg recent business bank statement issued within the last two months, most recent set of accounts or evidence of

  • self assessment returns)

  • evidence that you live in Hackney (driver’s licence, utility bill such as gas, electricity, water, home telephone, bank/building society statement,

  • council tax bill)

If you’re applying for the discretionary scheme, we will also need details of

your income and household expenses to establish you are in financial


Please complete the application form and we’ll assess your eligibility for help

under the national or discretionary scheme as appropriate:

If you are unable to complete the online form, provide the relevant

information, or have further questions please contact us on 020 8356 3111 and

we will be able to help you and or help you make a claim over the telephone.

倫 敦 克 尼 區

“測試及追蹤” 國家方案援助欵項

從 9 月 28 日開始,如果您對 COVID-19 檢測呈陽性,或者 “NHS測試及追蹤”





您可能有權享有 500 英鎊的經濟援助。


要符合資格,您必需獲得 “NHS測試及追蹤” 的通知,並已收到一個獨一的 8

位數字的身份號碼。如須申請這 500 英鎊,您必需要:

  • 年滿 16 歲

  • 有資格獲得公共資源

  • 住在克尼

  • 受雇或自雇

  • 無法在家工作,因而面臨收入損失

  • 享受以下合格福利之一:普遍補助 (Universal Credit)、工作税補助 (Income Tax Credit)、基於收入的就業和援助津貼 (Employment and Support Allowance)、基於收入的求職者津貼 (Job Seeker’s Allowance)、收入援助 (Income Support)、房屋福利 (Housing Benefit)

  • 或退休補助 (Pension Credit)

  • 在 2020 年 9 月 28 日或之後,被 “NHS測試及追蹤” 通告要待在家裡 和自我隔離


克尼市議會還推出了一項 “酌情方案”,可以在特殊情況下,為不符合 “國家

方案” 條件的人,提供500英鎊援助。



若要被本議會的 “酌情方案” 考慮,您必需要:

  • 年滿 16 歲

  • 住在倫敦的克尼區

  • 在 2020 年 9 月 28 日或之後, 被 “NHS測試及追蹤” 通告要待在家裡和 自我隔離

  • 是低收入受雇或自雇

  • 因自我隔離而面臨失去收入

  • 因自我隔離而面臨經濟困難


不要延遲申請 “幫助自我隔離” 的經濟援助。如果申請未能在自我隔離期

結束後的 14 天內提出,將會無效。


  • “NHS測試及追蹤” 提供的獨一的 8 位數字的身份號碼

  • 您的國民保險號碼

  • 有顯示您的姓名的最新銀行對帳單副本

  • 就業證明 (例如:最近的工資單、雇傭合同、最近兩個月內發出的銀 行對帳單,其中要清楚地顯示收入證明)

  • 自雇證明 (例如:最近兩個月內發出的銀行商業户口對帳單、最新的

  • 會計帳目或自我評估報告的證明)

  • 住在克尼的證明 (駕駛執照、公共事業單據如:煤氣費、電費、水費、家庭電話費、銀行/房屋協會對帳單、房屋稅單)

如果您正在申請 “酌情方案”,我們還將需要您的收入和家庭開支的詳細資


填好申請表格後,我們將會洽當地在 “國家方案” 或在 “酌情方案” 下評估


如您無法在網上填寫表格、提供相關資料或有其他問題,請撥打 020 8356

3111 聯繫我們,我們將會能夠幫助您及或通過電話助您申請。


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