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Summary of Lockdown Changes for 19 July

Theatre show. Image from Unsplash

On 19 July, the Government will:

  • Remove limits on social contact, so people can gather in groups of any size

  • Remove the "one metre-plus" rule in nearly all settings, apart from specific places eg. airports

  • No longer limit the number of people who can visit care home residents

  • All remaining businesses, as well as nightclubs, to re-open

  • People will no longer be required to work from home

  • Large-scale events will no longer have capacity limits, including sporting events, theatre shows or concerts

  • No longer legally require people to wear face masks in public places such as shops or on public transport (Please note that masks have now been declared mandatory on London transport and other services around the country)

Instead, the government will:

  • Encourage vaccinations and plans for booster injections

  • Allow the public to make "informed decisions" through guidance

  • Continue "proportionate" test, trace and isolate plans

  • Continue border restrictions to reduce the risk of new variants entering the UK

  • Retain contingency measures to respond to unexpected events



  • 取消社交隔離及聚會人數的限制

  • 除了指定場所外,如機場,取消所有場所相隔“多於一米”的規定

  • 不設老人院探訪者人數上限

  • 所有商店及夜店都可再開放

  • 不需要在家中工作

  • 大型活動,如運動節目,戲劇表演戓音樂會等不設參與人數上限

  • 不以法制指定在公眾場所,如在商店或公車上必需穿戴口罩 (請注意,在倫敦及其他地區的公共交通系統內,穿戴口罩仍是必需要的。)


  • 推廣疫苗接種計劃及籌備加強注射針計劃

  • 提供指引,讓大眾在有足夠認知的情況作個人決定

  • 繼續“適當”的檢測、追蹤及隔離計劃。

  • 繼續邊境防疫限制以減低變種病毒進入英境的風險。

  • 保留應對突發事件的措施



  • 取消社交隔离及聚会人数的限制

  • 除了指定场所外,如机场,取消所有场所相隔"多于一米"的规定

  • 不设老人院探访者人数上限

  • 所有商店及夜店都可再开放

  • 不需要在家中工作

  • 大型活动,如运动节目,戏剧表演戓音乐会等不设参与人数上限

  • 不以法制指定在公众场所,如在商店或公车上必需穿戴口罩 (请注意,在伦敦及其他地区的公共交通系统内,穿戴口罩仍是必需要的。)


  • 推广疫苗接种计划及筹备加强注射针计划

  • 提供指引,让大众在有足够认知的情况作个人决定

  • 继续"适当"的检测、追踪及隔离计划

  • 继续边境防疫限制以减低变种病毒进入英境的风险

  • 保留应对突发事件的措施


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