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Pot Luck Party #2

Together with @celestialpeach_uk, aka the wonderful Jenny Lau, we are very excited to present our second Potluck Party on 19th October.

In October, we will be building on the resounding success of our first Potluck Party in partnership with Jenny Lau. At our first event in July, through the magic of social media and word of mouth, around 30 people gathered at Hackney Chinese Community Services. Everyone brought a delicious dish or two to share. There was a wide variety delicacies, full of fresh ingredients for old classics, as well as new innovative recipes, and we shared them all in great company. It was lovely to meet new friends.

Jenny Lau: “I was inspired to meet more British Chinese foodies and wider community, and connect over what we do best: eating”

We're hoping you can join us for our next event on October 19th for our exciting second Potluck meetup. Please contact us on to let us know you are coming!


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