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HCCS reopens on 17th May!

We're very excited to announce that HCCS will be reopening from 17 May. This means that our community will be able to take part in our regular activities very soon!

Please join us for our lunch club, held three times a week, after which, we play Mah Jong, chess and card. Of course, we will be restarting our ever popular badminton club, and will introduce other physical activities soon. As well as this, we have a host of upcoming and new activities that we are excited to announce! Firstly, we will be resuming our film screenings at the centre. These take place on the last Saturday of every month at 6 p.m. We have enjoyed lots of interesting films such as Pommel, and cockroach. We will watch a film and often actors such as Jennifer Lim, and directors such as Danel York Loh, join our sessions to talk about their work, so this is really exciting that we can do it in person. Headed up by the wonderful Jenny Lau, we will be starting a monthly outdoor East and Southeast Asian food market in our outside space. We're looking to get 20 stores of delicious food that we can share with you all. We look forward to seeing you there. Finally, our wonderful new trustee, Moi Tran, is heading up the Civic Voice Archive. This records people who want to sing a song or record a poem in a East and Southeast Asian dialect to contribute to an ongoing community archive. She hopes that this will become an exhibition in the future.

When we open, HCCS will continue to take the previous measures to minimise the risk of the disease when it reopens. We require all members and users to cooperate in implementing these measures

The measures include:

• Taking body temperature of all visitors, and register it with attendance list,

• use of hand sanitiser before entering the premises,

• All visitors must wear mask when in the premises, except during consuming food and drink,

• Wash hands every hour,

• Keep social distancing, certain activities that may involve closer than 1 meter from the next person will require to wear face screen during the activities.

Our lunch club will switch from communal food sharing to being served individual portion.

We look forward to seeing you again on or after the 17th May!


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