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National Census and the Chinese Community

The National Census 2021 has released information to the Chinese community to help us engage and participate.

What is the census?

  • The largest national survey that happens every 10 years and everyone takes part.

  • The ONS is responsible for the census in England and Wales.

  • The census is important because it gives the most detailed information we have about our society.

  • Scotland and Northern Ireland hold their own around the same time.

Keeping personal information safe

  • Before we publish our statistics, we make sure that they don’t include any personal information.

  • The information we collect in the census remains anonymous for 100 years.

  • Everyone must complete the census. Legislation made the modern census a legal obligation in 1920.

Why we have a census

The census provides information that government needs to:

  • Shape policy

  • Allocate resources

  • Plan services

  • Monitor equality

Census information informs decisions that improve lives

Planning and development - Census information is used to develop local plans to better reflect future needs and to identify inequalities at a very local level.

Public health and social care- Census information is used to inform service demand, to identify pockets of health deprivation and to support future care planning.

Housing - Census information is used to assess local housing needs and to measure housing affordability.

Census information informs decisions that improve lives

Education - Census information is used for pupil forecasting models, to inform capital

bids and to monitor the supply of qualified persons.

Transport - Census information is used for funding bids for road improvements, and informs planning and profiles around areas of transport change.

Other - Census information is used to inform emergency services, libraries and waste collection and disposal.

Census 2021 facts

  • The next census will take place on Sunday 21 March 2021.

  • For the first time this will be a digital-first census, but paper will be available for those who need it.

  • We’ll focus on engaging with everyone, including under-represented and hard to reach groups.

  • Help will be available for people who need support to take part online.

Download these Powerpoint presentations in Chinese and English

2021年人口普查繁體簡報 Hackney
Download PPTX • 7.18MB
2021年人口普查簡體简报 Final.pptx Mandarin
Download PPTX • 6.25MB

Census Information for Chinese community
Download • 1.57MB


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