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Mental Health support service

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been supporting our members by ensuring that they have sufficient food, medication, health and positive mental health and well-being. The surge in racist abuse and attacks, business loss and job loss, health anxiety, have all contributed to mental health problems amongst our community.

Around 20% of the Chinese and Vietnamese population in London are employed in catering-related jobs and the majority of our members are elderly and/or people living with health conditions. Covid-19 has caused fear and insecurity amongst all sectors of our community. Since February 2020, there had been an immediate surge in racial abuse and racial attacks towards East and Southeast Asians and their businesses.

The catering trade has also been hard hit, with many catering businesses closing and redundancies. As many are family businesses, business closure also means the loss of the family home. Health worries, increase in racial attacks, job loss, housing insecurity, financial hardship all contributed to feelings of anxiety, confusion and isolation, and mental health issues for our community.

Since the first lockdown, we noticed the sudden rapid deterioration of our members’ health closely linked to their mental well-being. The East and Southeast Asian community (ESEA) stigmatises issues relating to mental health, so helping ESEA people living with mental distress can be extremely challenging. Many are often scared that seeking help from the NHS may leave them with a negative record. As a result, it is very common to endure mental distress without seeking professional support, until the point of breakdown. Many also do not have the language to express themselves, have long not questioned their feelings, lack mental health awareness and do not know about the support services available.

Because of the rise in mental health problems, HCCS has been looking at ways we can help. Fortunately, we have just been approved funding for a six month pilot to provide our community culturally-appropriate mental health services. We are now offering FREE mental health support in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. You will have 6 one to one sessions with an accredited counsellor and you can also join group sessions if you wish!

Please contact or call us on 0208986 6171 for further information.

Or contact 或聯絡 Ms Wai Ha Lam 林慧霞on 07761 705553 if you need further support.

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自第一次封城後我們便發覺有些成員的健康受到心理狀況影響而直線下降。東亞及東南亞族裔人仕對心理健康問題一向忌諱,所以,要向有精神健康需要的人仕提供援助也非易事。有很多人害怕向國家醫療服務 (NHS) 尋求協助,怕會留下不良紀錄。延遲醫治會令到他們的病情更嚴重或至崩潰地步。亦有很多人仕因言語不通,不懂得如何表逹自己及剖析自己的感覺,他們也缺乏心理健康及可往何處尋求支援服務的知識。



電郵: 或致電0208986 6171

Or contact 或聯絡 Ms Wai Ha Lam 林慧霞on 07761 705553 if you need further support.

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自冠状病毒疫情爆发后,我们一直为我们的成员提供支持,确保他们有足够的食物、药物、健康和正面的身心健康。 疫情引起的种族袭击、生意损失、失业、健康等忧虑一直上升,大大影响到我们社区成员的心理健康。

华人及越南人社区中大概有百份之二十的成员从事饮食业,我们中心的成员也多为老年人或患有疾病的人仕,冠状病毒使他们感到害怕及不安全。 自二零二零年二月起,便马上看到东亚及东南亚族裔及他们的生意所承受的种族袭击急剧上升。

饮食业的打击也很大,有很多食肆要关闭及裁员。 由于很多食肆都是家庭式运作,生意关闭也令到他们失去居所。 健康忧虑、种族袭击上升、失业、家居不安定及经济困难都会引出社区成员的焦虑、混乱、孤独及心理健康问题。

自第一次封城后我们便发觉有些成员的健康受到心理状况影响而直线下降。 东亚及东南亚族裔人仕对心理健康问题一向忌讳,所以,要向有精神健康需要的人仕提供援助也非易事。 有很多人害怕向国家医疗服务 (NHS)寻求协助,怕会留下不良纪录。 延迟医治会令到他们的病情更严重或至崩溃地步。 亦有很多人仕因言语不通,不懂得如何表逹自己及剖析自己的感觉,他们也缺乏心理健康及可往何处寻求支持服务的知识。

由于社区在这方面的需求多了,我们一直寻找能提供支持的方法。 幸然我们最近获得六个月的资助,尝试开展心理健康服务。 我们可提供适切、免费及以粤语、普通话和英语进行的心理健康服务。 你可与获认可的辅导员六节单对单的会面,或选择参与小组式治疗。


电邮: 或致电0208986 6171

Or contact 或聯絡 Ms Wai Ha Lam 林慧霞on 07761 705553 if you need further support.

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