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Join our two Christmas events!

This month we are lucky enough to be celebrating two Christmas events. We hope you will join us at this festive time.

Christmas Pot Luck Party on 7 December

We start the celebrations with the Christmas Pot Luck Party on 7 December between 11 and 2pm which we host with the delightful Jenny Lau aka @celestialpeach_uk. As ever we're up for having fun at our party.

The theme for this Pot Luck Club #ChineseFoodiesofIG is 'Have Yourself A Very Chinglish Christmas!'. Come and share your favourite festive classics with a CHINESE twist! What will it be: Char siu glazed gammon? Hainanese turkey? Xmas stuffing bao? Eggnog custard tart?!⁣

The Chinese twist is of course not mandatory. Hanukkah dishes and other festive/atheist delights are equally welcome. Only the same ☝🏾 rule applies: Come hungry, but don't come empty handed!⁣ ⁣ Join us to "Have Yourself a Very Chinglish Christmas". Come and show off your best Christmas fusion culinary skills, plus reconnect with old friends, and meet new ones too.

RSVP @celestialpeach_uk to let her know you'll be joining us.

Christmas Lunch Club on Wednesday 11 December

We're also going to be hosting our more traditional luncheon club on Wednesday 11 December between 11.30-4pm. You don't have to cook this time, but it's a perfect chance to get together before Christmas, enjoy our Chinese dinner, and sing along to karaoke if you would like!

We're going to be having a sumptuous feast of fish, sea food, vegetables, roast meat and Chinese dessert. All this for just £12 for members or £15 for non members.

Again, please let us know if you would like to join us, call 020 8986 6171 if you would like to book your meal now!


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