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HCCS Covid-19 Lockdown Summary

Due to Covid-19, our centre ceased all group activities according to the Government Guidelines from 18 March 2020. However, our Advice Services and Health Advocacy Services were continued online and by telephone. We immediately created a WhatsApp chat group to include all our participants who have the app. This was to serve the following purposes:

1. To maintain communications amongst participants

2. To keep them informed of the latest development of Covid-19

3. Update on the government, council or other services.

4. Update them what services/assistances we can provide during Covid-19

5. Work done by our Centre

6. Allow them to express or to share their concerns

7. Keep them socially active and connected (social chats are allowed in this Chat Group)

Soon after that, we launched an official Supporting Call Service to ensure all our participants were safe and in good care. This personal supporting service was used to identify any vulnerable participant and to ensure they were supported or cared for during the lockdown. Our calling team was trained to be discrete, courtesy and non-judgemental. During the telephone conversation, our team will cover 3 main areas about the participant’s well-being during the Covid-19. These areas are Food, Physical Well-beings and Mental Well-beings. Callers were suggested to ask questions like:

1. Adequate foods? Quantity? Quality? Varieties (veg, meat and rice/noodle etc).

2. Can they manage cooking or eating by themselves? If they need assistance from family/friend etc.

3. Daily exercises? Indoor/outdoor? Any other activities? Table Tennis/MahJong/card game etc. Or just watch TV at home

4. Regular medications? Medicine delivery?

5. Communication with people other than those living with them.

6. Any anxiety or depression?

After a series of staff discussions, a member of staff would attend the office to provide telephone assistance. (S)he shall deal with requests and cases according to individual case. If there was any emergency requirement, we shall help as far as we can and shall seek assistance from Service Provider partners if required.


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