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Apply as an adviser for Census 2021

The ONS is now thrilled to invite applications for 100 community adviser (CA) roles for Census 2021.

Job adverts can be found at, where the application window is now open.

Based across England and Wales, the CA positions are hugely important to the success of next year’s census on 21 March.

The CA’s primary task is to proactively engage with specific communities to encourage and support them to take part in Census 2021. The CA roles will involve improving outreach and building trust around the census with one of the following communities:

  • Arab

  • Bangladeshi

  • Black African

  • Black Caribbean

  • Chinese

  • Indian

  • Nepali

  • Pakistani

  • Somali

By helping community groups join in with the census, CAs can help communities in making sure their voices are heard if you speak English and either Mandarin or Cantonese to a confident level.

Please visit to learn more about the CA vacancies and how to get involved in something special.


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