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London in Lockdown Tier 4

繁體中文請按此處 Please click here for traditional Chinese version

簡體中文請按此處 Please click here for simplified Chinese version

From 20 December, London has been place in tier 4 restrictions. People are not

allowed to form Christmas bubble with other households.

Meeting friends & families

  • You should stay at home except for specific reasons including education, work, exercise, medical needs, food and other essential shopping and to provide care.

  • You should not mix socially indoors, or in a private garden, with anyone who is not part of your household or support bubble.

  • You can meet one other person at a time from another household in an outdoors

  • public place.

Work and education

  • You should work from home if possible.

  • All schools will remain open

  • Pupils and staff at secondary school must wear face covering in communal areas.

Other restrictions

  • Pubs, restaurants, bars and cafes are closed, except for takeaways

  • There is no limit on the time allowed for outdoors exercise

  • Leisure facilities such as gyms, swimming pools are all closed.

  • Entertainment venues including theatres, concert halls, cinemas, museums and galleries, are all closed.

  • Hotels, hostels, guest houses and campsites are closed.

  • All non-essential shops must close.

  • You are not allowed to stay overnight away from your home, whether on holiday, in a second home or caravan, or with anyone you do not live with.

  • You are not allowed to travel outside your tier four area.

  • You are not allowed to travel abroad, unless for exceptional reasons.

  • Places of worship remain open for communal services.


从十二月二十日起,伦敦被处于限制令第四层。 你再不能与其他家庭成立「圣诞社交



  • 除了工作、上学、运动、医疗、购买食物及其他必需品物及照顾别人外,你应留在家中。

  • 你不应在户内、私人花园和并非与你同住的家人或并非「支援泡泡」的人进行社交活动。

  • 你可在户外与家庭成员外的一人聚会。.


  • 你应尽量在家中工作。

  • 所有学校将会继续上课。

  • 所有中学的学生及职工需在校內的公用地方穿戴口罩。


  • 酒馆、酒吧、餐馆会关闭,外卖服务除外。

  • 准许独自的户外活动或运动。

  • 所有优闲设施, 例如健身院,游泳池等会关闭。

  • 酒店及其他旅馆会关闭。

  • 所有非必要的零售、娛樂設施、娛樂場所和私人護理設施會關閉。

  • 你不能在所住的家外过夜留宿,不管那是你的第二个家或旅行馆。

  • 你不能离开限制令第四层区域。

  • 你不能前往别国,有特殊原因除外。

  • 祈祷场所持续开放提供集体崇拜





  • 除了工作、上學、運動、醫療、購買食物及其他必需品物及照顧別人外,你應留在家中。

  • 你不應在戶內、私人花園和并非與你同住的家人或並非「支援泡泡」的人進行社交活動。

  • 你可在戶外與家庭成員外一人聚會。.


  • 你應儘量在家中工作。

  • 所有學校將會繼續上課。

  • 所有中學的學生及職工需在校內的公用地方穿戴口罩。


  • 酒館、酒吧、餐館會關閉,外賣服務除外。

  • 准許獨自的戶外活動或運動。

  • 所有優閒設施, 例如健身院、游泳池等會關閉。

  • 酒店及其他旅館會關閉。

  • 所有非必要的零售、娛樂設施、娛樂場所和私人護理設施會關閉。.

  • 你不能與非你家的人在別家過夜,不管那是你的第二個家或旅行館。

  • 你不能離開限制令第四層區域。

  • 你不能前往別國,有特殊原因除外。

  • 祈禱場所持續開放提供集體崇拜


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