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HCCS Statement on Robert Geffrye and the Geffrye Museum

We have recently been made aware that the change in name of the Geffrye Museum to the Museum of the Home, stemmed from Robert Geffrye’s association with the slave trade. As many people of East and South East Asia origin are in this country as a result of oppression in our ancestral lands, we see ourselves as part of the heritage of the UK. However, our background calls on us to stand in solidarity with other oppressed people, in the past, present and future.  We therefore welcome the name change to the Museum of the Home. We would also welcome it if the government would extend the name change to its relationship to the Museum and for the Museum to move Robert Geffrye’s statue to a position where his legacy can better be explained.

Please note that the public Hackney Chinese Community Services opinions may not reflect the personal choices of all Management Committee and community members.


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