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Hackney Chinese Community Services features in BBC News

Left - Right

Jabez Lam, Centre Manager

Feng Tan, Volunteer

Vicky Sung, East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) Outreach Worker

Yan Ma, Project Officer

HCCS staff were interviewed by BBC News to share their experiences as victims of racially-motivated hate and observations of how it has impacted the wider East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) community.

Jabez speaks of the emotional and mental health impact on the community.

Feng was on the overground when a man next to her made excessive sounds bringing up phlegm and as the train stopped at Camden Road Station, he spat at her.

Vicky was walking in the street when a young person had shouted 'coronavirus' at her.

Yan walked past a post office on Seven Sisters Road when an old lady shouted 'you f***ing Chinese', 'you are the Chinese virus', and 'go back to your country'.

In all of these cases, bystanders did not speak out to defend the victims nor challenge the aggressor. The hate experienced by our staff happened at different times in different locations and is only a small fraction of the racially-motivated attacks across the UK. CASVIC (Campaign Against Secondary Victimisation) received 112 responses from their UK hate crime survey in the past three months. HCCS will continue to advocate for victims, raise awareness on hate crime towards ESEA, and provide a safe space for the ESEA community.






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