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An Impromptu Lunar New Year Celebration

As with many Chinese community centres around the UK, our Lunar celebrations were more subdued this year. Unfortunately, since the Coronavirus outbreak in China, there have been concerns about the Chinese community, and there has been a marked increase in racist incidents towards UK Chinese. Yet despite cancelling our public Lunar New Year event, many supporters and community members wanted our celebration to go ahead.

HCCSA and friends
HCCSA and friends

Many members in different communities wanted to come together to stand in solidarity with the poor victims of the virus. They also wanted to support local Chinese people who have experienced racism both in the UK and overseas, due to concerns about the virus.

Our dedicated volunteers
Our dedicated volunteers

As a result, friends from all walks of life came to show their support, and celebrated the finale of the Lunar New Year with us. This included our supporter Samuel Gui Yang, an international fashion designer and his studio team, Hackney community organisation Jun Mo Generations, and our ever fabulous Potluck Club, headed up by Jenny Lau (@celestialpeaches_uk), who provided the excellent cuisine.

They joined our dedicated volunteers, pictured above who are Harry Ho, Judy Tsang, Sun Man Chan, Peter Leung, Shao Lan Ou, Kwai Fong Kan, Choi Yuet Chong, Danny Chow, Patrick Wu, Feng Tan, Wah Tsang and Alex Kan, Dr Xio, as well as our wonderful staff members who all work together to help us keep the centre running. We enjoyed an impromptu and joyous celebration.


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