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We are moving!

Our beloved centre has been an important hub for the local Malaysian, Chinese and Vietnamese communities for over 30 years.
Over the years, our community has expanded and we have naturally become a space for the wider East and Southeast Asian community.

This is a new chapter for our community centre, and we are excited to announce that we will officially be transitioning to: ESEACC East & Southeast Asian Community Centre.

We would like to thank everyone for shaping the building blocks of our community.
Our doors are open as usual to welcome our neighbours and the wider community to share a meal.

We will be continuing our operations at Ellingfort Road until early summer.

Stay tuned for our updates on our move to 12-14 Englefield Road N1 4LS.

Warmest wishes from the HCCS team.

We'll be taking a little break from some activities in the next month as we prepare to relocate to our new site 12-14 Englefield Road N1 4LS. 

Please bear with us while our plans solidify in the coming weeks and updates will be posted!

Looking forward to seeing everyone still for lunch club on Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

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Want to help out? We’d love for you to join us!

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