Year of the Rat Auction

We are delighted to offer these two beautiful original works by the talented artist Gabby Malpas for auction over the lunar new year!

As you may know, Hackney Chinese Community Services is looking to move to the Old Bath House in De Beauvoir, Hackney. The new building and larger premises will enable us to expand and provide greater services to our community.

Unfortunately the property was recently squatted and it has left the building in a very bad state. We are now looking for funds to completely renovate the interior of the building, and to create a new and innovative multicultural space for South East and East Asians in London.

Our dear friend Gabby Malpas saw a recent photos of the damage to the building, and wanted to help us. She has offered us these two fantastic images original paintings to auction during the Lunar New Year period. The proceeds of which will go towards the renovation of the interior of our new centre!

You may be familiar with @gabbymalpas unique style. She has been creating beautiful works of art for a number of years. Originally from New Zealand, and, having lived in the UK for fourteen years, Gabby is now situated in Sydney, Australia. Despite the overwhelming environmental problems over there right now, we are very fortunate as Gabby has still found time to support us here in Hackney!

Gabby is well known for her intricate watercolors of Australian flora and fauna, which she combines with Chinese symbols and patterned china. Her style is strongly influenced by chinoiserie, and each painting is saturated in symbolism. As well as original works of art and prints, her designs have also found their way onto accessories such as scarves and bags, homewares including cushions and towels. Please visit Gabby’s site for further information.

Today we are very happy to auction the two images that you see below. Each one is valued at 500 AUD or £265! They will come with provenance / valuation certificates. We have set the reserve price to £50. We hope you will bid on them to receive a fantastic and unique work of art, and simultaneously help our much needed fundraising drive.

To give everyone time to take part in the auction, over the busy period of Lunar New Year, it will end on 8th February at 2pm, so please bid on our Facebook page, or pm us on Facebook to let us know your bid before then!

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